Individual  Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorship Application

The aim of this program is to assist, develop, promote, advance and encourage individuals in their chosen sporting and/or community endeavour to reach an elite level.

Eligible applicants must:

• Be locally based, living and training in the Wimmera region
• Provide a list of out of pocket expenses directly related to the event(s) they are selected for.
• Provide details of other sponsorship received
• Demonstrate their contribution towards the event(s) in the form of cash, voluntary services or in-kind support
• Apply to the Board of Directors not less than 7 days prior to the sporting event

Ineligible applicants

• Individuals not selected by the appropriate State or National governing body
• Individuals who nominate themselves for competition
• Requests to pay cash incentives/wages/prizes to players, members, officials or staff of any organisation.

Criteria in assessing applications:

• Only those applications from individuals usually participating in sports and community events serviced by the Horsham Sports & Community Club will be considered for assistance
• Only those applications that have a letter confirming the individuals selection by a State or National governing body will be considered.
• The Board of Directors will at their discretion allocate sponsorship to any single deserving individual sportsperson to a maximum amount of $750
• The extent of previous assistance provided by the Club to the applicant
• The Board of Directors will ensure a spread of sponsorships across all sporting and community event areas.


All individuals applying for sponsorships will be required to:
• Attend the Club for a photo and cheque presentation at a time convenient to both parties
• As a courtesy to the Board report how they performed at the event(s) entered
• Promote the Horsham Sports & Community Club

Notification of the outcome

• Applicants will be advised by email or in writing of the outcome of their application.
• All applicants will be required to provide an email address and bank account details

Form of payment

• Sponsorships will be paid by cheque at a time to be determined by Horsham Sports & Community Club management.


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