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ClubMIX Rewards

ClubMIX Rewards is the Horsham Sports and Community Club rewards program that rewards you for your loyalty. It’s our way of thanking our members by offering discounts, special benefits and exclusive offers.

How many tiers are there?
The rewards program is a FIVE tier system with each tier offering special benefits. Required earned points below.

The more points you earn when using your card to purchase goods and services, the higher the tier you can achieve and the greater the benefits avaliable to you. Rewards are offered to members based on their tier. The tier is determined based on the points earned in a 12 month rolling period.

How do I earn points?
You earn points when you use your membership card making most purchases
at the Club. Please ask our staff for a list of purchases which attract points and the number of points they attract.

How can I use my points?
You can then use them to pay for food, beverages, showcase items and other goods in the Club.


Can I receive a monthly loyalty bonus?
Depending on your tier you will also receive a bonus point multiplier on the points that you have earned when using your card. Monthly loyalty bonus points are allocated automatically at 8am on the first day of the following month.

What other additional bonus points can I earn?
Depending on your tier you will also receive visitation points when you swipe your card at the entrance terminal. Points are allocated on the first swipe per person per day.


Birthday bonus points
Depending on your tier you will also receive a birthday bonus when you swipe your card at the entrance terminal during the month of your birthday. Points are allocated on the first swipe per person during the month of the member’s birthday.

Do I get discounts?
As a member you will continue to receive member prices, in addition when you use your points to purchase food and beverage you will receive a further discount off the member price.

What are my points worth?
100 points is equivalent to $1

How can I check my tier?
You can check what tier you are in at any point of sale terminal, the entrance kiosk or simply ask a staff member.

How can I check my points balance?
You can check your points balance at the entrance kiosk or by asking one of our staff. Please note the points indicated are the balance of points that you have, not the points you have earned in the past 12 months.

How do I move up a tier?
By the 15th of each month your points up until the end of the previous month will be reviewed, if you have earned the required amount of points in the preceding 12 month period you will be moved up a tier.

Can I go down a tier?
By the 15th of January & 15th of July your points up until the end of the previous month will be reviewed and your tier adjusted accordingly.

Do points expire each year?
By 30th June of each year points earned by Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers should be redeemed for rewards, all unused points will be forfeited. All points forfeited will count towards future tiering.
Points for the Diamond and Platinum tier do not expire unless a breach of the rules occur.

Other information
Membership and any accrued points or rewards are not transferable. Suspended, excluded or expelled members forfeit accrued points. A full list of rules is avaliable at the club upon request or on the website.

Can I opt out of ClubMIX Rewards?
You are able to opt out of ClubMIX Rewards at anytime by notifying the General Manager in writing.


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