Conditions of  Entry 

Dress Regulations

Neat casual dress is required for entry at all times
To enter Horsham Sports & Community Club you must not be wearing any of the following:
• Football, stubby, bicycle, running, gym or boxer shorts
• Swimwear, leotards, or sports style bra tops
• House slippers, hair curlers or rollers
• Clothing that displays offensive words or pictures
• Provocative or revealing clothing
• Dirty, unkempt soiled clothing or footwear
• Torn clothing not in accordance with fashion

If you live within 10km radius of the club you must: be a member or be signed in by a member.
Members’ guests who are signed in by a member, remain in the company of the member & leave with that member.
Members, guests & visitors must adhere to directions of the management or staff of the club.
The club is committed to the principles of responsible service of alcohol & gaming.
To enter Horsham Sports & Community Club you must not bring in any food or drink items, unless approved by management.

Horsham Sports & Community Club reserves the right to refuse entry at any time.