Wimmera Filipino-Australian Club

The Wimmera Filipino-Australian Club received $900 in the 2017 Sponsorship Program.


The  Club  was formed in 2017. Their vision is to bring together Filipino-Australian families in the Wimmera region, promote camaraderie, cultural awareness and social responsibility.

We also encourage our members to be engaged in sports. With the sponsorship we received from Horsham Sports & Community Club we were able to organise a uniform for our basketball team “Wimmaroos” – thank you! We are planning to join a local basketball league one day but at this stage our team are still preparing and training.

We have around 100 adult members and about 150 kids under 18. We organise social functions such as Christmas Parties, Australia Day Picnics, etc. Last year we also had a bowling tournament in Horsham. We participate in the local community events such as Kannamaroo and Cultural Diversity celebration in Horsham and Nhill.

Part of our social responsibility mission is to provide some help to those in need. Last year we were able to raise fund via garage sale to help a Filipino tourist in Birchip who had his 2 legs amputated following a poisonous spider bite. This year, we will be donating a small amount we collected at our Christmas party to the Cancer Council Australia, every year we like to donate to a charity group. President, Marivic Vix.



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