Responsible Gaming

Have Fun, But Play It Safe

The Club would like you to have a great time at our venue and would like to make sure gaming stays fun. The key messages are:

  1. Set yourself a limit and stick to it
  2. Chasing losses isn’t the answer
  3. Take frequent breaks from the machine
  4. Only spend what you can afford
  5. Think again before borrowing gaming money

Touching the machine or buttons in a particular way WON’T change the way the machine pays out.
When you’re playing a poker machine the only thing you can control is YOU.

And remember, if you think you may have a problem with gambling, visit the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website. Information on problem gambling services are also readily available in our venue.

For information on the Victorian Gaming Machine Industry, Voluntary Codes of Practice and other responsible gaming initiatives such as the Self-Exclusion Program, Please visit Department of Justice & AHA websites.

For information on the Commonwealth Government’s MoneySmart program Click Here

Mercury RSG Code of Conduct

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