Natimuk Group of Fire Brigades

Members of the Natimuk Group of Fire Brigades caught up with the Horsham Sports & Community Club recently after receiving a generous donation from the Club.

Group Officer Lester Maybery “The Natimuk Field Command Vehicle was purchased through funding from the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program which required a contribution from volunteer fire brigades in the Natimuk Group of $10,000. Horsham Sports & Community Club made a generous contribution of $5,000 which enabled this vehicle to come into service of the community. The total value of the vehicle is $80,000.

1st Lieutenant Geoff Little, District 17 AFO Mark Gunning, Greg Schultz (HSCC), Deputy Group Officer Garry Carter, Group Secretary Tony Uebergang, Group Officer Lester Maybery, Garrett Liston(HSCC), Dan Smith (President HSCC), Gary Howden (HSCC) and Louise McGillivray Brigade Administrative Support Officer

The primary purpose of a FCV is for local command and control at fires and other incidents. It is fitted out with radios, red and blue lights, sirens and appropriate safety equipment for the purpose. The vehicle is also used to transport volunteer members to training and meetings. The Natimuk FCV will be used to deliver rescue equipment and rescue team members to rock climbing incidents (high angle rescue) on Mt Arapiles or the Grampians. They may also respond to industrial high angle rescue incidents. The vehicle is a Ford Ranger 4×4 ute with a purpose-built canopy, red and blue lights, siren, bull bar, tow bar, CFA radios, UHF radio, Engel fridge and multiple other accessories.

The Horsham Sports & Community Club have been substantial supporters of Region 17 CFA brigades with over $137,000 allocated to assist with the purchase of small equipment and support for vehicle purchases over recent years, we can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support.