Maggie Caris – Receives Individual Sponsorship

Maggie played in the 2018 International Schoolgirls Netball Championships, on the Gold Coast in May/June 2018 and the Australian team were undefeated for the week. The team went on to take out the gold medal in the Grand Final against Samoa in a very physical contest.


An amount of $500.00 was allocated to Maggie from the Clubs funds through our Individual Sponsorship Program.

Other teams involved in the championships were Fiji, Tonga, Aotearoa, Budgies (Australian Indigenous team), South Africa, New Zealand & Pacific Rim.

What a great experience for Maggie!

The aim of this program is to assist, develop, promote, advance and encourage individuals in their chosen sporting and/or community endeavor to reach an elite level. For more information and applications forms on Individual Sponsorships click here.