Konnara Wanderlust

Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Coonawarra

When wine is aged in fine oak barrels, a portion of it evaporates – winemakers call this the ‘Angel’s Share’. It was on this sentiment the Koonara angel was born. We love the people who make the journey to come and visit our cellar door; they have Wanderlust. They are the daring explorer, the lover of life with tales of adventures and experiences from their many trips. This wine’s for you, intrepid travellers…

Winemakers comments:

This wine has huge colour and decanting this wine for an hour will allow you to see the true depth of flavour, but also show you that this wine is almost unique at this price, in that it will get better over 10 years. Tiny berries went into this wine – you can tell by the deep colour. The flavour comes from the skin, so the smaller the berry, the more colour and flavour. No residual sugar, below organic levels of sulphur, and organically grown. This wine will age beautifully until 2030.

Food Match:

Rosemary smoked lamb cutlets.

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