IGP Cloudy Australian Ale

The Story
We wanted to brew our version of a classic Australian Cloudy Ale an easy drinking yet complex beer, with a naturally cloudy brew. And the name? Brewing is hot, hard work, the brewers work long hours in steel capped boots, safety glasses, industrial shirts and thick, heavy industrial green pants which in the heat of the brewery can get a bit… well, itchy. True story.
The style
I.G.P. is Matilda Bay’s handcrafted take on the classic Australian Ale. This brew is characterised by its cloudy, yeast sediment produced by a secondary fermentation process.
Killer Facts
•First new Brew made at Brewery in Port Melbourne.
•Australian Cloudy Ale
•All Australian Ingredients
Tasting notes Stone fruit
The match Beef & Chilli
Birthdate 2012
ABV 4.7%
IBU 25
Hops Summer & Galaxy