Dimboola Playgroup

Dimboola Playgroup were allocated $1500 in the 2017 Annual Sponsorships with which they purchased a cubby house, this year they have purchased new toys to complete it! With the $300 granted from this year’s Sponsorship Program, a Sandpit complete with Balls, Hoops, Shovels and Buckets has been finished to complete the area. New Tonka Trucks and durable play equipment including Kitchen utensils have also been added in there for hours of fun!

“We received a grant of $300 to upgrade our outdoor toys and purchase equipment for the cubby houses that previous HSCC grants have helped us to purchase.  We now feel that our yard is finally finished with excellent resources, toys and games for the children of our community to play with.  We took great delight in swapping our old, broken and dangerous sandpit toys for new ones and have already spent several playgroup sessions enjoying the sunshine and the great outdoors which is good for everyone.

We have taken care to replace the toys, where possible, with non plastic equipment in an effort to reduce our reliance on plastic and also to ensure the longevity and durability of outdoor play equipment. The children are enjoying creating their own games and activities in the coffee shop, kicking and throwing balls and learning tricks with the hula hoops.

We are so grateful for the support of the HSCC in helping us to continue to offer such a wonderful and worthwhile playgroup for the families of Dimboola.

Thank-you so much! The Children are already playing with and loving their new toys. It is helping them to be playing outside, be active and learn social skills”, Hannah Young President of Dimboola Playgroup.

The Dimboola Playgroup have been allocated $4800 over the last 11 years through Horsham Sports & Community Club Sponsorship Program.