Annual Sponsorship


The aim of this program is to assist, develop, promote, advance and encourage all sporting and community activities in Horsham, its surrounding districts and towns.

Members of the Horsham Sports and Community Club have set aside a specific sum of money for Sporting and Community sponsorships. The Board of Management of the Horsham Sports and Community Club will distribute the minimum total of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($125,000) from the financial year 2022/2023. Preference may be given to groups/organizations which can contribute substantially to the project envisaged.


(a)PRIMARILY- To sporting and community organisations for one-off capital works or to upgrade equipment

(b)SECONDARILY – As annual sponsorships to groups providing sporting and community services that have an ongoing commitment to the Horsham Sports & Community Club


  • Be locally based and demonstrate a direct benefit to residents of the Horsham Rural City and surrounding districts and towns;
  • Be incorporated if applying for $1,000.00 or more;
  • Demonstrate their contribution towards the project in the form of cash, voluntary services or in-kind support….
  • Address demonstrated sporting and community needs.


  • Groups or organisations that request funding for a service or project that the responsibility of spheres of government presently or previously.
  • Groups or organisations that represent the state or private schools.
  • These sponsorship monies are not available to support training or hire costs.
  • These sponsorship monies are not available to pay cash incentives/wages/prizes to players, members, officials or staff of any organisation.
  • These sponsorship monies are not intended to replace the normal fundraising of any organisation


Sponsorships will be distributed in June on a date to be confirmed. Payment for sponsorships for specific projects will be made on receipt of tax invoices, which is to include an ABN.


(a) The level of contribution to the project by the applicant.
(b) The extent of previous assistance provided by the Club.
(c) Ensure a spread of grants across Community and Sporting areas.
(d) It may be determined that one or more significant projects may have preference over several smaller projects.
(e) Support and membership of the Horsham Sports & Community Club may be considered
(f) It is expected that all projects will be completed within 12 months


All organisations applying for sponsorships will be required to:

  • Submit to the Horsham Sports and Community Club, on the form that will be provided if your application is successful, a signed statement of completion of the funded project. It would be appreciated if you could supply digital photographic evidence of the completed project.
  • Directly link our website to yours and note the HSCC as a sponsor
  • Promote the Horsham Sports & Community Club through your members, encouraging them to become members of the Horsham Sports & Community Club.
  • Display a provided sign in an appropriate and prominent position with the organisation for 12 months
  • Submit their annual report, including financial statements and will be required to submit a statement regarding the expenditure of the sponsorship.


Following the allocation of sponsorships and distributions, applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application. Successful applicants will be invited to a presentation at a venue to be decided, where the funds will be presented.

Applications need to be completed and lodged by 5.00 pm on 6th April 2023.

The applications link will be below from Thursday, 2nd March 2023, until Thursday, 6th April 2023, at 5.00 pm.

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Individual Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorship Application

The aim of this program is to assist, develop, promote, advance and encourage individuals in their chosen sporting and/or community endeavour to reach an elite level.

Past recipients include: Lauren Tink, Josh Barry, Sacha McDonald, Matt Anderson, Kevin Bald.

• Be locally based, living and training in the Wimmera region
• Provide a list of out of pocket expenses directly related to the event(s) they are selected for.
• Provide details of other sponsorship received
• Demonstrate their contribution towards the event(s) in the form of cash, voluntary services or in-kind support
• Apply to the Board of Directors not less than 7 days prior to the sporting event

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Horsham City Bowling Club

Club Treasurer of Horsham City Bowling Club, Ron Goudie, spends a few good minutes with director Dean Winfield talking about the latest sponsorship from HSCC. See how our current funds and other sponsorships have helped them develop into a top notch club.

Warracknabeal Country Fire Brigades Group 2018 Sponsorship

Colin Newell, CFA Warracknabeal Group Officer, meets with Tim Coller, HSCC Director, to explain how essential our latest sponsorship has been in the acquisition of essential firefighting equipment storage. Watch now to learn how far reaching and beneficial our funds are within small communities who rely on CFA services.