Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN Sponsorship

Tim Shaw, Executive Officer at Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN meets with Kerry Schultz, HSCC Director to give us the lowdown on our ongoing sponsorship of the Let’s Read program. Learn how this amazing program helps develop literacy skills for so many children in the region.

Christian Emergency Food Centre Sponsorship

Bev Miatke, Client Assessor at the Christian Emergency Food Centre explains to Horsham Sports & Community Club Director, Kerry Schultz, how all of the donations from the club over recent years have assisted with the delivery of the food centre programs. Tune in and you’ll be amazed at how beneficial the sponsorships have been for this wonderful community focused organisation.

Horsham Historical Society Sponsorship

Horsham Sports & Community Club Manager, Glenn Carroll, speaks with Horsham Historical Society President, Rod Jenkinson, about how our contribution will help their organisation. See how they intend to make sure things are preserved for generations to come.

2018 Sponsorship to Kalkee Football Netball Club

Horsham Sports & Community Club Director Daniel Smith speaks with Netball Director, Mel Beddison, about our 2018 sponsorship to Kalkee Football Netball Club. Hear how the club will benefit.

2018 Sponsorship to Natimuk & District Gymnastics Club

Horsham Sports & Community Club Manager Glenn Carroll speaks with Head Coach, Lynette Morrow, about our 2018 sponsorship to Natimuk & District Gymnastics Club. Learn how our funds have allowed them to develop as a club.

2018 Sponsorship Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre

Horsham Sports & Community Club Director Tim Coller speaks with Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre’s committee member Richard Lane, about our 2018 sponsorship to them. Learn what a fabulous tourist attraction the centre is becoming and how the sponsorship funds will help them.

Horsham Colts Cricket Club 2018 Sponsorship

Dean “Digger” Arnott from Horsham Colts Cricket Club tells us how the recent sponsorship from Horsham Sports & Community Club is going to make cricket “a lot easier”. Watch him catch up with Glenn Carroll, Horsham Sports and Community Club Manager.

Horsham Arts Council 2018 Sponsorship

Horsham Sports & Community Club Director Dean Winfield discusses the value of our 2018 sponsorship with Horsham Arts Council (HAC) President, Simon Dandy. See all the wonderful benefits from our sponsorships over the years.

Green Park Kindergarten

Billie Combe, President of the Green Park Kindergarten Parent Advisory Committee speaks with Horsham Sports & Community Club Director Daniel Smith about the benefits of their recent sponsorship. Listen to how our funds have helped them out with current improvements at the kindergarten.

Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly

David Berry, Executive Officer at Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly, explains the value of Horsham Sports & Community Club donations both for athletes who receive the Sports Star of the Year Award and also the Sports Foundation recipients. Be amazed by the top level athletes he mentions in his interview with Glenn Carroll, Manager of Horsham Sports and Community Club.