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Horsham Sports & Community Club History

A bit about Horsham Sports & Community Club History. The idea of the Horsham Sports and Community Club was born in 1990 when a very small group of community minded businessmen, led by Mr Laurie Rudolph, approached around 40 others in the town. In their brief to get the members to the meeting, the ethos was that if the pokies were going to come to Horsham then it would be in the communities best interest to control the profits.

Many attended the meeting and it was resolved that around 40 people from Horsham and District, would provide an unsecured loan of around $5K each giving a starting capital of around $200K to purchase a restaurant in Horsham. The idea was to have a full entertainment complex that provided live shows, meals and of course the option to play poker machines. This commenced in July 1990. The understanding at the time was that we would have about 40 machines by October 1990. However, it was over 18 months before we were able to install poker machines. Making the club a full entertainment complex.

During this 18-month period with all our budgeting done on the expectation of around 40 machines. Made us realise we indeed had to operate quite leanly. However we persevered, albeit through a number of different managers, to where we are today. The distribution back to the community totals around $1.56 million in cash sponsorship’s and donations.

The Club has also been very active in recent history. Providing funding to a growing number of Major Community Projects, these include:
May Park Safety Fence, Horsham Cemetery Infant Memorial Garden, Region 17 CFA Forward Command Vehicle, Green Lake BBQ & Pergola, Horsham Aero Medical Transfer Station, Minyip Wetlands Shade Sails, Wimmera River Safety Lighting.

Horsham Sports & Community Club has donated over $315,445 to Major Community Projects. Read more about our individual sponsorship’s here.
The Club now certainly fulfills its mission statement of “Working for the Community With Pride”

Horsham Aeromedical Transfer Station Major Community Project $20,000

Horsham Aeromedical Transfer Station Major Community Project $20,000

Our Staff
Our Board of Directors

Did you Know?

• All board members give freely of their time as volunteers to oversee the governance of The Club.
• The Horsham Sports & Community Club is 100% owned by its members.
• The local Commuity recive all the profits after normal trading.

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