2017 Life Members

Rhonda Tursi, Current President Gary Howden,  & Graham Gerlach

Graham Gerlach, Brian Murray and Rhonda Tursi

Brian, Graham and Rhonda were each presented with LIFE MEMBERSHIP of the Horsham & Sports Community Club at our Annual AGM on Monday 9th of October.

Graham and Brian were two of the key drivers in the clubs formation and early years of trade that has enabled the Horsham Sports & Community Club to fulfill its vision of delivering substantial and sustainable benefits to the Horsham and Wimmera region.

Rhonda’s ten years of service has made an enormous contribution. Her financial experience and expertise was of immeasurable value to the club and it is a better organisation for it. She is a worthy recipient of life membership and the Board thanks her again for her service.

Read their tributes and accomplishments here: Graham, Brian and Rhonda.



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